The Benefits of using Cocoa butter

//The Benefits of using Cocoa butter

The Benefits of using Cocoa butter

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The benefits of using Cocoa butter

Helps to Fight Signs of Aging

Polyphenols the cocoa mass contained in the cocoa butter are antioxidants, which can improve skin elasticity and hydration giving you a better skin tone, these Polyphenols can combat sensitive skin, cell mutation and also degeneration of the skin, which is the cause or certain chronic diseases.

Other benefits are reducing the chance of dandruff promoting healthier hair follicles, making your hair feel stronger, reducing hair loss and in some cases preventing pattern baldness in men.

 Cocoa butter is also edible the same aromas you would get from the bean, but it is a form of vegetable fat so, to remember that although it can benefit your body in various ways, it is not recommended to eat in large quantities due to the high amount of calories it has.

Shaving with Cocoa butter

Since Cocoa butter melts in warm water simply apply a handful to your skin before shaving, which hydrates while preventing you from cutting your skin giving you a nice smooth feeling, apply after showering opening up your pores with warm water for the butter to absorb into your skin.


Stretch Marks

Preventing or treating stretch marks cocoa butter has been used on the affected area especially used during pregnancy, although the results are not 100% accurate some women have stated an improvement to visible stretch marks, although this will not reverse stretch marks it will help dried skin keeping you hydrated.

Chapped lips

Ever had chapped lips before? if the answer is yes, then realizing that cocoa butter made into a balm to help soothe those lips is a blessing in disguise, chapped lips can occur from sun damage but mainly from being in contact with very cold temperatures drying out your lips, which can also become sore.

 When applying the balm it adds a protective layer, which hydrates your lips also known as ¨emollient¨. You can use the cocoa butter in the plain state, but adding a scent or flavor essential oils, such as vanilla, chocolate or citrus aromas.

Mouth Sores and blisters

If you have developed painful sores inside your mouth or on your lips which can also turn into cracked skin and blisters, by using a little cocoa butter can help to keep them moisturized and begin healing.


Hydrates dry skin prevents peeling

Natural antioxidants found in the Cocoa bean makes a great skin moisturizer in the butter healing from inside the body to the outside appearance of the skin ,when you have been out in the sun apply it to help prevent peeling and to prolong your tan, always test first on a small area to ensure no reaction or sensitivity to the product.

when applying the butter if solid melt it with some warm water before applying it, as a result, it will stay apparent on the skin for hours as it absorbs the affected dry areas, Natural kinds of butter are soft whereas deodorized is hard and brittle,the saturated fats in the Cocoa butter  has  beneficial properties to cracked dry skin hydrating and moisturizing the area while healing.


A natural remedy for any rashes infections sores and burns

Because Cocoa butter doesn´t contain any perfumes or alcohol  it simply soothes and replenishes sore burnt skin when applied over the area, the same goes for if you have a rash also, some people that suffer from dermatitis or eczema can benefit from using cocoa butter which helps soothe the Affected areas

Immunity booster

The Polyphenols can boost your immune system balancing your hormones repairing any damaged DNA acting as an anti-inflammatory which can reduce the risk of such conditions like auto-immune cancer and also cardiovascular diseases.



Healthy Heart

Cocoa  is now considered as an anti-inflammatory food which is said to help reduce hardening of the arteries known as atherosclerosis in effect reduces the risk of heart disease all due to the polyphenolic qualities there are more of these antioxidants in cocoa rather than the butter, but if you want to have a daily intake then you will get this from eating dark chocolate with a high cocoa content to what you would find in baking chocolate.

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